Individual Counselling

“After several years of working with therapists I had resigned myself to living with the effects of trauma. Working with Dr Wardley has been life changing. Through patience and understanding we have not only worked through life events, I have the tools to carry forward and the confidence to use them. I recommend him wholeheartedly and thank him so much for giving me back my life.”
“I am grateful to have found Dr Matt. He is perceptive, knowledgeable, patient, understanding and above all has true empathy. With his help, I am overcoming decades of chronic trauma issues that have truly haunted me for my entire life. It can be a daunting decision to seek help but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. A decision made much easier by choosing to work with Dr Matt. I consider myself lucky to have found him and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking help, particularly those who have been through traumatic experiences that they are struggling with.”
“I wanted to thank you for helping me in the brief series of sessions we had. The key to it all was a simple acknowledgement of my fears as legitimate – it was as if you gave me the permission to accept those feelings as normal, and most importantly, temporary. I have also found more courage than I’ve had before to go out alone, make new friends and try some water slides that used to scare me. My sincere thanks for the work that is still in progress.”
“Matt has a kind, calm, approachable and professional manner. With the combination of a consultative approach, the two of us working in partnership and checking in on progress, I have gained a better understanding of how I deal with worry and overthinking, what triggers these things along with skills to handle the overactive mind. Over 6 sessions Matt was able to pinpoint the areas I was struggling with and also recommended some excellent books to help me further. I discovered with Matts help how to put things in perspective and how to regain my self esteem and assertiveness whilst many discussion points gave me ‘a-ha’ moment’s. My sincere thanks to a great therapist who I highly recommend.”
“Nothing less than transformational!
I came to Matt for help in thinking through my future direction in life, career etc. Matt helped me discover a much deeper understanding of myself, what aspects of everything that ‘fire’ me and as a result I’m thinking a lot clearer about my future and have a much improved relationship with my wife & family. I’ve learnt a few tools to think things through on my own. Unlike any other therapist I have met, Matt is willing to share a little of how he feels on a topic, his experiences and even a little vulnerability which really helps him to act as a really credible, thoughtful & caring mentor. I really thank Matt for his help and would completely recommend him to anyone.”
“Excellent service. Matt is fantastic at enabling you to have realisations that set you on a new path where you can thrive.”

End Emotional Eating & EMDR Group

“I found all the sessions really helpful. I felt safe and supported and although some emotions did come up that I normally would have tried to squash back down, with your guidance I felt calm and confident enough to just let them be there.

I was quite frankly astonished at the effect that the techniques that you taught us had on some very powerful emotions, urges, cravings and longings. Particularly on my unhealthy love of chocolate. (I’m a whole bar at a time person). I think the best way to describe what happened for me is that the power that the memory or thoughts had seemed to lessen and in some cases disappear completely. I will be continuing to practice this at home.”


“I have found the group ACT supervision that Matt has provided for myself and my colleagues to be a most useful adjunct to the training that I have undertaken in this model of therapy. His thoughtful, approachable, professional manner have helped greatly in creating a safe space for us to explore ideas and participate in experiential exercises without worry about judgement. A lovely mixture of theory, practice and reflection and often the highlight of my week!”