Approaches to Physical Health


The Sleep Book by Guy Meadows ā€“ also see his blog

Dr Guy Meadows‘How To Sleep Well’ – Interview by Renate McNay

Healthing Yoga Nidra meditation by Atma Gyanam

Weight Management

The Weight Escape by Joseph Ciarrochi, Ann Bailey & Russ Harris

The Diet Trap by Lillis, Dahl

Eat Fat, Get Thin by Mark Hyman

Healthy Living & Diet

The Personal Paleo Diet by Chris Kresser (Also addresses Sleep, Activity, & Stress Management)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Dr Myhill. See for resources

The Microbiome Solution by Robynne Chutkan

The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat by Professor Tim Spector

The 4 Pillar Plan: How to Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Longer, Healthier Life by Dr Rangan ChatterjeeĀ . See also the BBC production Doctor in the House

Functional Medicine. A developing area of health care aimed at harnessing lifestyle as medicine.

ACT & Mindfulness for Pain

Living Well with Pain & Illness: The Mindful way to free yourself from suffering by Vidyamala Burch

Living Beyond your Pain: Using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to Ease Chronic Pain by J. Dahl

Turning Suffering Inside Out: A Zen Approach to Living with Physical and Emotional Pain by D. Cohen

Understanding Chronic Pain

Empowering Self Management of Pain by Neil Pearson (there are 3 parts)

Understanding Pain in 5 minuteslearn more about chronic pain management

Why Things Hurt – Lorimer Moseley TEDx talk

The Pain Toolkit by Pete Moore (who also has persistent pain)