Dr Matt Wardley - Counselling Psychologist

A Polyvagal Approach to managing the stress and anxiety around Covid 19 by Deb Dana

A useful discussion by Deb Dana looking at how we manage our response to Covid 19 using the psychological model, Polyvagal Theory https://youtu.be/T2QtVThBK28

Trauma Mind and Body free online conference - 29th June to 5th July

Join the free Global Happy Cafe monthly meetup this Wed 1st July. See http://www.world-happiness-project.com/happiness-cafe/ https://www.world-happiness-project.com/happiness-cafe/

Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Week. Lets spread this years theme of #KindnessMatters most. See the Mental Health Foundation video at https://youtu.be/Qcyc68d6OAk

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