Dr Matt Wardley - Counselling Psychologist

Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil

UK Parliament: Make Mental Health First Aid a compulsory Part of teacher training - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/TZ3idPxbx5 via @UKChange

"The Circadian Code", a book based on seminal work by @SatchinPanda addressing sleep, weight, depression, anxiety and many health issues by focusing on when we are exposed to light as well as when we eat and exercise. A must read. https://t.co/G6kSVBxrJe

Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials https://t.co/RNLWE4J3NY

Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment by @joycecavayehttp ://theconversation.com/why-nutritional-psychiatry-is-the-future-of-mental-health-treatment-92545?

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