Dr Matt Wardley - Counselling Psychologist

An invaluable resource for anyone dealing with chronic persistent pain: https://t.co/e1IunyPazu

Do you give enough priority to sleep? Scientists from Oxford University reckon we are getting 1-2 hours less sleep than 40 years ago - in the context of a 8 hour sleep cycle, that could mean we have lost up to 25% of our sleep time! WorldSleepDay

🌅 Get up at roughly the same time each day
☀️ Expose yourself to natural light every morning
⏰ Exercise – & eat – early
☕ Avoid caffeine & alcohol
📴 Minimize exposure to blue light in the evenings
🛀🏽 Relax in the tub

#WorldSleepDay #TheStressSolution

Why Am I Always Like This? by @StevenCHayes

How Our Childhood Shapes Every Aspect of Our Health with @drchatterjeeuk & @DrGaborMate https://t.co/B6btTsBxK9

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