End Emotional Eating Group – June 2023

Have you been struggling to lose weight or to keep it off?
Do you know what you ‘should’ be doing but struggle to do it? Do you either feel deprived whilst ‘on a diet’ or feel ‘out of control’ of your eating?

Do you feel you have a problematic relationship with food, diets, and/or your body?

I will soon be running an online group over 5 week using an evidence-based psychological approach to addressing your underlying relationship to food, diets, and your body with a specific focus on emotional or comfort eating.

5 Weekly sessions

Wed 21st June – Wed 19th July

09:30 – 11:15 *

Online via Zoom

Fee £170

* Wednesday 28th June will start at 09:00 until 11:15 and last half hour will be run by Mel Martin, Nutritionist, based in Fowey, Lostwithiel and online. See melmartinnutrition.com for more details about her practice.

For more information on the use of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming (EMDR) for your relationship with food and weight loss goals, please read my article:

Addressing Emotional Eating & Food Addiction with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR)

To hear more and to sign up, contact me on the following:

info@drmattwardley.co.uk – 07813641091

Dr Matt Wardley, Counselling Psychologist